Company Values

  1. To act with a high level of integrity in our working relationships with others and be held accountable and responsible for our actions.
  2. To bring value to our clients and the people we work with.
  3. To value diversity, respecting each other and accepting our differences.
  4. To exercise patience with people to gain a better understanding of who they are and their needs.
  5. To maintain a positive attitude in all situations.
  6. To have competence, discipline, drive, and ambition to succeed by understanding the expectations and completing the job.
  7. To be open-minded and have the willingness to learn on a continual basis.

Before the foundation is poured, before the ground is broken and even before any stake is driven into the ground, the execution plan of the construction project needs to be carefully crafted. 

The Project Management Team plays a key role in the time leading up to the start of the project. 

Project Management

Our Project Management team will manage the construction process from the inception to completion of the project. We handle any challenges that arise from any aspect of the project and will deal with all stakeholders involved in the project.

In the planning and contract stages of a project the project manager works with the project team to ensure all the details for a successful project are in place.

Once construction begins, the Project Manager and Construction Coordinator work together to ensure the construction is completed to the specifications and in the timeframe contracted.

With Keystone Projects Ltd as your Project Management team, you can be assured that all project objectives are met and our services exceed your expectations.

Contract Administration

To move from the vision to the execution of any construction project requires interaction with the many stakeholders and partners involved. Expectations, requirements, and agreements need to be put in place, which will be unique for each partner involved in any stage of construction.

As construction has always been a complicated process with many moving parts it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to ensure everything comes together as required by the contract documents. Knowledge in the process of how things work and fit together is vital to the success of a contract administrator. The ability to understand and interpret drawings and specifications is the key to contract administration. Working closely with the client and the consulting team to add value to the construction process is essential.

At Keystone Projects Ltd we pride ourselves in our ability to work through complicated processes and find unique solutions that work for everyone.

Construction Management

At Keystone Projects Ltd, we believe that the construction management deliver method provides the best benefits to our clients. This delivery method takes a team approach providing the client access to all aspects of the building process from inception to completion. As construction mangers, we initially work with our clients to develop and establish the owner’s project requirements. This is the working document to which all construction standards are set as it defines precisely what the owner expects from the project. Once established a consulting team can be established to start the design process. In some instances, trade contractors are asked to join the team to provide design assistance the consulting team.

As construction managers, we have working relationships with our trade partners who are a valuable part of the construction team. Depending on the client, we can work directly with our trade group or we can tender the project on behalf of the client.

As construction managers, we look after all aspects of the administration and construction process through the life of the project. We pride ourselves on being able to find solutions to construction challenges that are well thought through and provide the best resolution to the challenge. We have found that the construction management process is not necessarily the cheapest delivery method. However, it does provide the client with exactly what they want with generally fewer compromises on their part. A proper team approach provides the greatest benefit to our clients.

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